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      1. PRODUCTS


        CAS: 91-15-6
        Molecular formula: C8H4N2
        Molecular weight: 128.13
        Structural formula:
        Appearance: White needle crystal
        Use: Pigments and other fine chemicals intermediates, widely used in the synthesis of phthalocyanine drugs, phthalocyanine pigments and dyes, high thermal resistance polyamide fiber, xylene, diisocyanate plastic and desulfurization catalyst, etc. Phthalocyanine and metal phthalocyanine has a unique Physical and chemical properties, has been in the functional materials and medical fields, such as photoconductors, rectifier devices, optical storage devices, liquid crystal, electrochromic, photodynamic therapy [1 ~ 3] and other aspects of access to a very good application. Phthalonitrile is an important organic intermediate, widely used to synthesize high thermal resistance polyamide and polyester fiber, phthalocyanine pigments and new xylene diisocyanate plastic and desulfurization catalyst. The synthesis of phthalonitrile, a variety of processes, of which o-xylene ammoxidation synthesis of phthalonitrile nitrile technology the most simple (one-step reaction), the lowest cost, the smallest environmental pollution. The process has the following characteristics: catalyst selectivity and high airspeed, long service life, simple preparation process and low cost. The reaction temperature is only 370 ℃, which is higher than that of the literature. Reported the lowest temperature of 120 ℃ lower; ammonia than small; low production costs; waste water, waste less, no pollution
        Content: ≥99.0%
        Moisture: ≤0.5%
        Packing: 1、25KGS paper-plastic compound bag or cardboard drum
        2、50KGS paper-plastic composite bag or cardboard drum

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