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      1. NEWS

        A new paradigm for the transformation and upgrading of the two fruits


        To implement the chairman of the meeting in 2016, "resolutely win the transformation and upgrading of enterprises," the spirit of the speech, to further improve the production capacity of the preparation, work efficiency and improve the working environment of the staff, the company five workshops in the study and research basis On the proposed new set of automated filling line program. After the approval of the company, in the early selection of the selection process, the procurement process, March 22, the formal installation of automatic filling line, in the installation process, from the workshop director to the technician, equipment, and so actively cooperate with the installation of the master Work, and humbly learn the use of new equipment technology. Through continuous debugging at noon the next day the equipment is fully debugged properly.

        Due to the normal commission the next day the whole plant power outages, but just a small package of the list needs to be packaged, taking into account the use of new equipment is not familiar with the staff, the five workshop landowners decided to take advantage of the equipment debugging staff presence overtime packaging, There is a problem to solve. Under the order, all employees in place, look forward to the new production line can help, but the new machine just trial, the whole afternoon we can only debugging side production, production in the intermittent, to the afternoon get off work only the total amount of the third First, the landlord to encourage everyone, because it is a new device, we are not skilled, another objective reason, our filling, capping, sealing is a new device, and labeling, heat sealing, packing, etc. is the original equipment , There is convergence and matching inconsistencies, a short time difficult to solve. I hope everyone unite and cooperate to complete this batch of small packaging tasks.

        Rush to eat dinner, each staff full of energy into their respective positions, the tension and orderly on the bottle, sets of heat shrink film, packing, packet and so on. Sets of shrink film is a handy than the hand faster than the post, the workshop organized four hands and feet of the female workers, to protect the packaging bottle back into the next link. The final sealed stacking is a manual labor, the workshop of the Pharaoh, tallest, the greatest strength, volunteered to pack the stack, nearly 11KL of goods a box of a person to come, in his own words: "I dry This is quite successful, you go to other things. "Words, although simple, but reflects the spirit of a regular staff hard work hard. From the ordinary staff to the workshop director has been sticking to the production line, the original plan to be completed in the morning to the task, twenty-three just finished on the successful completion.

        Out of the workshop, I do not know when the spring rain from the sky, the sky a little chill, but we unite as one sincere cooperation scene is still in our minds, this is not our entrepreneurial spirit - unity, dedication, professional, Reflected it

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