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      1. NEWS

        Meng Jian, chairman of the board to participate in Chinese and foreign business associations Association and Sino - foreign enterprises cooperation Fair



        March 31, by the Xinyi municipal government and Jiangsu Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce hosted the "Let the world full of love" Chinese and foreign love business alliance Association and Sino-foreign enterprises cooperation talks held in Shanghai. Vice Mayor of Xinyi City, Zhou Shubing, President of the Red Cross Society, Chen Hongxi, Executive Chairman of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Jiangsu Province and Executive Chairman of Jiangsu Zheshang Alliance attended the fair.

        At the meeting, Chairman Meng Jian and representatives of some enterprises at home and abroad, as well as the relevant person in charge of the embassy in China, had a negotiated exchange.

        Over the years, Wei Younat always adhere to the "humane, fraternity, dedication," the spirit of the Red Cross, and actively put into the social welfare undertakings, in the care of employees, donations, charitable donations and other aspects of good social benefits.

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